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Braces Port St Lucie

Braces Port St LucieOrthodontists welcome new patients to their dental practices where you can find many different varieties of braces Port St Lucie residents will like. One thing to look for is a caring and compassionate orthodontist and dental team that is committed to providing the best dental service patients want, expect, and deserve.

Getting Braces In Port St Lucie, FL

There are several varieties of braces Port St Lucie patients can choose from that will best suit their personality and situation. You should be a number one priority when it comes to proper procedures in regards to straightening your teeth. Most patients wear braces for at least six months, but it depends on the corrections needed and the type of braces Port St Lucie orthodontists recommend for the specific situation and budget.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Clear braces are very popular among Port St Lucie teens and adults. Improvements by Invisalign make it possible for more patients to use this system who have more than minor corrections needed to straighten teeth. Adults are choosing Invisalign because they are clear and virtually unnoticeable. The same goes for many teenagers as well. The right orthodontics office should offer braces Port St Lucie adults and teens trust the most for their particular situation. Best of all, the price of Invisalign is about the cost of regular braces Port St Lucie patients seem to be able to afford.

The Invisalign treatment comes in clear sets of aligners that are made specific to fit your mouth. Every two weeks you will move to the next aligner, and while you can remove your aligner to eat or brush your teeth, it is important that you wear the aligners during the rest of the time, or as much as possible. Invisalign braces also makes it possible to straighten teeth with fewer appointments during the treatment period.

A specific type of Invisalign braces Port St Lucie teenagers are offered is Invisalign Teen. With Invisalign Teen, teenagers still get the option of the full clear braces treatment, but also get additional features to include wear indicators, which indicate when it is time for the clear braces to be changed. In the case of lost or broken Invisalign Teen braces, additional replacement aligner braces are offered, making it a top choice for Port St Lucie parents.

Metal Braces

The traditional metal braces are still the most widely used braces to date. There are now many options to choose from to change up the look by using colored wires and bands to the size and actual color of the braces themselves.

One of the best improvements in metal braces is the size of them. They are much smaller and several local orthodontists offer mini clear, sliver and gold braces Port St Lucie children are sure to enjoy!

Some patients start their orthodontics treatment at around age seven and above. For these little patients, many orthodontists offer "Wildsmiles" for fun braces Port St Lucie children will enjoy the most. They can choose different brackets with different fun shapes.


Sometimes retainers need to be worn as soon as the braces come off. Most orthodontists will custom fit retainers for their patients and will repair any that are broken. Many Port St Lucie orthodontists will also have new ones made up for patients who have lost their retainers.

Free Consultation In Port St Lucie, FL

Call or send an email today for your free consultation in St Lucie County, where you will receive a complete examination and an action plan presented to you. Your orthodontist will thoroughly discuss all of your options with you to help narrow down one that best fits your situation. Convenient finance options enables you set up a payment plan if needed. Most insurance is accepted by many orthodontists in Port St Lucie to help cover your dental plan. We hope your search ends here, with the best orthodontist serving you and your family for all your orthodontic needs!

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